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If you don't see the exact product for your specific application listed here, please inquire; we may be able to obtain it for you.

Ceramic Anchor (RAS) with Clip ›

Heavy duty anchoring system designed for use with Plastic or Castable refractory.
Can be used for overhead or vertical linings.
Designed for temperature applications in excess of 2000F.
For lining thicknesses up to 23” – Anchors can be cut down to fit.
Check for price and availability.

Large ceramic anchor and metal clip.

Drive-In Anchors ›

Used to apply new hot face refractory on top of old refractory.
Designed to be driven into pre-drilled holes.
Available in 310 stainless alloy.

Drive-in anchor for refractory.

Spin-On Anchor ›

Designed for two-component cast or gunned lining systems.
Studs can be stick or gun welded.
Studs and anchors available in a variety of sizes, diameters, alloys and anchor configurations.

Spin-On anchor for refractory.

Steerhorn or VS Anchors ›

Standard Stainless refractory anchor for a variety of applications.
Must be welded to the shell.
Available in various lengths and alloys, 1”-12” Lengths.
Please check for availability and size recommendation for your specific application.

Steerhorn or VS Anchors in 3 sizes.

A-Anchor ›

Two component stainless steel anchor consisting of Z-Strap and A-Arm.
Designed for anchoring plastic refractory.
2-piece design allows for limited movement of installed refractory wall system.
Available for wall thicknesses up to 12”.
Please check for availability and size and alloy recommendation for your specific application.


Weld Pins and Washers ›

Used for securing layered ceramic fiber blanket or mineral wool linings.
We stock several sizes of pins and washers designed primarily for use with CD (Capacitor Discharge) stud guns but suitable for stick welding as well.
Please inquire for price and availability.
We can usually source what you need on short notice if we don’t have it in stock.

Weld pins and washers.