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We carry most of the materials needed to construct a pizza or bread oven and our knowledgeable staff can help you choose the right refractory products for your oven project. At this time we do not sell oven building kits or plans. Below are links to other companies our customers have found helpful when building their own ovens. Each has vast resources including plans for oven building, forms for casting oven sections, technical information and even recipes and cooking tips!

Forno Bravo

BrickWood Ovens

Burning logs inside a wood fired oven


Smithfield Medium Duty ›

Temperature use limit of 2700 F. Good for fireplaces, bread and pizza ovens, kiln chimneys and back-up linings.

9" x 4.5" x 2.5" Straight $2.51 ea
9" x 4.5" x 1.25" #1 Split $2.39 ea

Smithfield Data PDF

Jet D.P. High Duty ›

Temperature use limit of 2850 F. Recommended for high heat, low abrasion applications including arches and floors.

9" x 4.5" x 2.5" Straight $4.26 ea
9" x 4.5" x 1.25" #1 Split $3.86 ea

Jet D.P. Data PDF

Hard Fire Brick.

IFB 2300 ›

Temperature use limit of 2300 F (mean temp max 2100 F). Low density, low strength. Good for back-up and some hot face applications.

9" x 4.5" x 2.5" Straight $3.65 ea

IFB 2600 ›

Temperature use limit of 2600 F (mean temp max 2200 F). Medium density, medium strength. Good for hot face applications and shapes such as Arch and Wedge.

9" x 4.5" x 2.5" Straight $4.70 ea

BNZ Summary Data PDF

Brick Shapes and Dimensions PDF

Brick Installation Guide PDF

Insulating Fire Brick.

High Duty Tile ›

We stock Square Edge and Ship Lap Tile in a variety of sizes and thickness including but not limited to: 12”x12”, 12”x24”, 12”x15”, 12”x18” and from 1.5”, 2”, 2.5” and 3” thick.

Call for price and availability.

High Duty Tile Data PDF

Square Edge Tile

CRYSTOLON® SiC RC4128 Kiln Shelves

Sutiable for use as hearth plates or floors in ovens.

Call for price and availabilty.

More on CRYSTOLON® Kiln Shelves




Wet, air setting high temperature general purpose, economical refractory mortar. Should be thinned with water. Max service temperature 3000 F.

$50.26 / 55 lb pail



Similar to Sairset but with increased workability and better bond strength. Can be used as is or thinned with water. Can be used for skim coating. Max service temperature 3200 F.

$62.30 / 55 lb pail

Greenpatch 421 Data PDF


Dry form of Sairset for greater economy.

$50.60 / 55 lb bag



Dry, chemical setting mortar ideal for weatherproof applications such as outdoor ovens. Max temp 2700 F.

$98.75 / 50 lb bag


Mortar bag and mortar buckets.


KS-4® Plus ›

2500° Maximum Service Temperature. Strong, dense, general purpose castable ideal for many applications including furnace linings, special shapes, kiln skews, keys and oven floors. Medium aggregate size. 122 lb/ft3 density.

$41.25 / 55 lb bag

KS-4® Plus Data PDF

KAST-O-LITE® 19 L Plus ›

1900° Temperature Limit. Used as a backup lining behind other refractories. Low density and very low thermal conductivity. Superior to refractory block insulation because it can conform to a complex shell and fill intricate voids.

$38.50 / 25 lb bag

KAST-O-LITE® 19 L Plus Data PDF

KAST-O-LITE® 22 Plus ›

2200° Temperature Limit. Lightweight castable with low thermal conductivity and good strength. Good all-around backup material. Used for lightweight panel construction, flue and duct linings and complete monolithic linings where there is little or no abrasion.

$51.70 / 55 lb bag

KAST-O-LITE® 22 Plus Data PDF

Insulating Castable Bag.


RCF Blanket: Durablanket® ›

Durablanket® refractory ceramic fiber products are high strength, needled insulating blankets that are made from spun ceramic fibers. The extra-long spun fibers, cross locked through a unique forming process, produce a blanket with exceptional handling strength. Blanket products are completely inorganic and available in a variety of temperature grades, densities, and sizes.

1" x 24" wide 8lb | $3.50 / sq ft

Fiberfrax® Blanket and Mat Data PDF

Fiberfrax® RCF and Ceramic Fiber Safety Data Sheet

DuraBlanket Fiber Roll

Non RCF Blanket: Insulfrax® ›

Insulfrax® S Blanket from Unifrax is their “green” blanket which was developed from a calcium, magnesium, silicate chemistry to provide thermal insulation at continuous operating temperatures up to 2012°F (1100°C). It meets European regulatory requirement (Directive 97/69/EC) and is not classified as Hazardous. Insulfrax S blanket is used in a wide range of applications including refractory linings, thermal insulation, appliances and molten aluminum transfer.

1" x 24" wide 8lb | $4.80 / sq ft

Insulfrax® S Blanket Data PDF

Insulfrax® Safety Data Sheet

Ceramic Fiber Board ›

Ceramic Fiber Duraboard® and Isaform products are a family of rigid, high temperature ceramic fiber boards manufactured in a wet forming process using Fiberfrax alumina-silica fibers and binders. All board products offer low thermal conductivity, high temperature stability, uniform density, and excellent resistance to thermal shock.

LD Board 2' x 4' x 1" | $61.48 / sheet
Call for price and availability on other sizes.

Fiberfrax® Duraboard® Data PDF

Ceramic Fiberboard


Super Stick Insulating Cement ›

Super Stick is a multi-purpose, high temperature insulating cement for temperatures up to 1900°F. Composed of mineral fiber, binders, and corrosion inhibiting agents that are blended to give maximum coverage with minimal shrinkage, excellent adhesion and ease of application. Can be troweled or hand-packed. Installed density is 25 lb./cu. ft.

$51.08 / 45 lb bag

Super Stick Insulating Cement Data PDF

Bag of Super Stik Cement

Fireclay ›

Raw material used by artisans or in commercial applications either as a heat resistant layer or as an additive. DO NOT use as a mortar in residential fireplace construction.

$17.36 / 50 lb bag

Fireclay Data PDF

Bag of Fire Clay

Vermiculite ›

Loose fill insulation comparable to mineral wool.

4 cu ft bag / Call for price and availability.

Mineral Wool ›

Lightweight, semi-rigid insulation sheets that are easily cut and fabricated. 8 lb. density. Installed with pins on flat or curved surfaces or as a back-up insulation behind brick or castable. Flexible and compressible.
Rated to 1200°F and available in 24”x48” sheets from 1” to 3” thick.
Also available in loose, bulk form by special order.

1" thick| $4.48 / sheet
1.5" thick | $6.72 / sheet
2" thick | $10.08 / sheet
3" thick | $14.40 / sheet

Mineral Wool 1200 Data PDF

Large piece of Mineral Wool Insulation.