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If you don't see the exact product for your specific application listed here, please inquire; we may be able to obtain it for you.

Dense Castable Bag

KS-4® Plus ›

2500° Maximum Service Temperature. Strong, dense, general purpose castable ideal for many applications including furnace linings, special shapes, kiln skews, keys and oven floors. Medium aggregate size. 122 lb/ft3 density.

KS-4® Plus Data PDF

MC-25® Plus ›

2550° Maximum Service Temperature. High-strength, coarse aggregate castable. Possesses two to three times the strength of regular dense castables. Has excellent resistance to thermal shock. Coarse grain technology for outstanding toughness. Withstands heavy loads and mechanical abuse. 125 lb/ft3 density.

MC-25® Plus Data PDF

Super Kast-Set® Plus ›

2800° Maximum Service Temperature. General purpose pouring castable. Good permanent volume characteristics. High strength to produce stable linings for long service. Ideal for pouring special shapes and complete monolithic linings. 124 lb/ft3 density.

Super Kast-Set® Plus Data PDF

Mizzou® Castable Plus ›

3000° Maximum Service Temperature. High alumina castable. Abrasion resistant with good resistance to numerous slags. Shows expansion rather than shrinkage after heating to elevated temperatures. Good resistance to spalling. 140 lb/ft3 density.

Mizzou® Castable Plus Data PDF

Express®-30 Plus ›

3000° Maximum Service Temperature. Dense, self-flowing refractory castable. High density and very good abrasion resistance properties are ideal for hot face lining material. Can also be vibration cast using reduced water levels, providing properties superior to those attained at self-flowing consistency. Ideal for incinerators, high temperature boiler linings, combustion chambers, upper aluminum furnace sidewalls and pre-cast shapes. 145 lb/ft3 density.

Express®-30 Plus Data PDF

Greenkleen®-60 Plus ›

2200 (Aluminum Contact)/3000° Maximum Service Temperature. Dense, low Cement refractory castable containing Andalusite for excellent thermal shock and abrasion resistance. High resistance to penetration and corrosion by molten aluminum direct metal contact. Must be vibration cast. 145 lb/ft3 density.

Greenkleen®-60 Plus Data PDF

Greencast®-94 Plus ›

3400° Maximum Service Temperature. High-alumina, low-silica castable for severe abrasion resistance. Ideal for lining areas subjected to rubbing, grinding, or high-velocity, dust laden gases. Used for high temperature burner blocks and high temperature thermal combustors. 165 lb/ft3 density.

Greencast®-94 Plus Data PDF